They want you(r daughters)!

"Conservatives" may allow women to be drafted for war

Years ago, when I was still on Facebook, the military started allowing women in combat roles. 

I argued against it, not because I view women as less than men, but because I acknowledge the reality of biological and other differences between men and women and I also choose to live in a world where our daughters are not asked to fight to the death against the barbarians we have been battling in Afghanistan for 20 years.

One of my arguments was, if women were allowed in combat roles, then it would only be a matter of time before they are drafted and I didn’t want my daughter to be forced to fight on the front lines years later because of some misguided feminist agenda driven by pride and stupidity. In addition to all of the many dangers of combat, we all know what happens to women POWs. 

In response, I was called a misogynist and various other names. 

Fast forward to today, and here you have it. 

Buried in the legislative text of the NDAA is a provision that requires both men and women to now register with the Selective Service when they turn 18 years old. The Selective Service is the agency tapped in the event that a military draft becomes necessary amidst a national emergency. Since its inception, only men have been required to register. …

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL), who serves as the most powerful Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, approved of the new draft language and has remained silent about it despite representing a congressional district with a Partisan Voter Index of R+18.

STORY: Congressional Republicans Want to Draft Your Daughter | Opinion

This isn’t a matter of political parties.

The truth is, the Republicans have far fewer progressives in their ranks than the Democrats, but the number of progressive Republicans is growing all the time. 

This, like many issues of our day, is a matter of traditional values versus progressive values. A clash of cultures. A worldview that recognizes mankind as God’s greatest creation versus a worldview where nature is placed above mankind who is considered an unfortunate plague upon mother earth, a simple mistake of the god called evolution.

In conclusion:

I hope all the dumb sh*ts I argued with on Facebook way back then are happy. My oldest daughter may have to register for the draft if this law passes and she could conceivably be forced into combat one day. 

It doesn’t make me feel good to say it, because I wish I was wrong, but ... I told you so. 

Today, it seems, the progressive definition of “equality” means women should be equally blown up and maimed and also ... possibly raped if they are captured.1 This is what progressives call progress, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. This isn’t progress. It’s dysfunction. It’s evil.

This issue is a good example of why NO ground should be ceded on certain issues (1st and 2nd Amendments, included), even when demons call you names, but, unfortunately, the party who fights for the crown of most “conservative” every four years is really just full of impostors and cowards.

Progressivism is patient. It wears the other side down on issues over 10, 20 and even 50 years. It wins incremental changes over long periods of time, until the people can no longer remember where they started and the evil that results from its policies is normalized. 

Like I said, this isn’t a matter of politics. It’s a matter of good versus evil. 

Look up your U.S. senators here and tell them NO to this law.

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