"Legally distinct" but the same vaccine?

Sounds like Pfizer has some great lawyers!

I wanted to share with you some interesting articles and information I have read lately.

I kind of jump around to different topics, but all seem relevant.

I read an interesting article about the danger of committing idolatry in the pandemic environment. The author's theology is good, except I disagree with his opinion on sacraments.

See: https://bnonn.com/the-religious-significance-of-covid-part-1-pandemic-response-as-idolatry/

Also, here's a short article from the founder of Gab who recovered from covid after receiving treatment with Ivermectin:

See: https://news.gab.com/2021/11/16/how-the-gab-medical-community-helped-me-fight-covid/

Though big media puts out propaganda regularly about Ivermectin and ridicules it, calling it a horse dewormer, and many doctors are afraid to talk about Ivermectin because they could be attacked by the mob and lose their license and career, the number of people who have benefitted from Ivermectin is too great to ignore (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34466270/), but the pharmaceutical companies don't make as much money on Ivermectin as they do on vaccines.

Nevertheless, several high profile people have successfully been treated for covid with Ivermectin. 

See: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/sep/01/joe-rogan-covid-ivermectin-horse-drug-vaccines

Note that there is also a question as to whether the FDA has actually approved a Pfizer vaccine which is available in the U.S. They say the Pfizer emergency use vaccine is the same as the approved vaccine known as Comirnaty, however it appears that though the vaccines may both have the same formula, they are "legally" different (https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/mainstream-media-fda-approval-pfizer-vaccine/).

This (probably) means you cannot sue in the vaccine court for injuries sustained from the emergency use Pfizer vaccine, but you can sue for injuries sustained from Comirnaty (since it's now FDA approved), but Comirnaty doesn't appear to be available in the U.S., only the emergency use version of Pfizer's vaccine is available.

Some say Pfizer simply gave the vaccine a brand name and it's all otherwise the same, but it appears that they are at least "legally" different and the experts and Pfizer both acknowledge that the two vaccines are "legally distinct" (and it appears that the version they can be sued for, Comirnaty, isn't the one that's widely available). So they can both argue their vaccine is FDA approved (because it’s the same formula), but also shield themselves from liability by giving you the emergency use label vaccine without the Comirnaty brand. Now, that’s some good lawyering!

See: https://www.newsweek.com/fact-check-ron-johnson-us-does-not-have-approved-comirnaty-pfizer-vaccine-1636455 ("although the two are legally distinct," are the key words here)

If you get a Pfizer vaccine or a booster, ask them if it's Comirnaty or the emergency use label version. The person giving it to you probably won't know the answer or may give you the wrong answer, but what you are injected with will surely be logged in a database somewhere.

This all seems very confusing doesn't it? Why all the "legal" games? If they’re the same formula, then why are they “legally distinct?”

In this next article, the question about "legally distinct" is raised, and the journalist spoke with Pfizer and also contacted the FDA, but no clear answer was ever given:


"Heavy asked for confirmation that the “certain differences” only involve labeling, and will update this story when Pfizer responds. Heavy also reached out to the FDA for comment."

That was in August, and no update so far. 

Senator Ron Johnson is not having any luck getting an answer either, but you’re called a conspiracy theorist and mocked if you ask any questions about this:


Reports of vaccine injuries are also growing, but you need to go to alternative media to find it, not because it's a conspiracy theory (a favorite way to dismiss inconvenient truths), but because the traditional media outlets won't report on it. There are many many videos posted online of people who claim to have suffered a vaccine injury, but they are being heavily censored by social media companies like Twitter and Facebook, big media and they are also attacked by the mob of vaccine supporters.

See: https://www.foxnews.com/media/ohio-woman-daughter-covid-vaccine-reaction-wheelchair

See also: https://www.riotimesonline.com/brazil-news/modern-day-censorship/ncaa-golfer-has-severe-adverse-heart-condition-due-to-covid-vaccine-speaks-out-against-vaccine-mandates/

Government, pharmaceutical companies, big business (like Amazon, etc.), big media, and yes, even the church (which received billions of dollars in government PPP payments in 2020, and is the number one beneficiary of PPP payments in the entire United States ... https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2021/02/catholic-church-usd3-billion-taxpayer-backed-pandemic-aid-ppp-paycheck-protection.html), are all on board with the covid narrative. Follow the money.

Also, if you haven't looked into VAERS yet, you should. The number of covid vaccine injuries reported there exceed all reporting for the past 20 years, by a lot (https://openvaers.com/covid-data ... when you get there click the button at the top to see domestic cases only). 

See also re athlete injuries: 

Steve Kirsch's newsletter
Over a 60X increase in pro sports adverse events since the vaccines rolled out
First, take a look at this video posted by my friend Robert Malone: Now, in the comments of that tweet, you’ll see people say that “these events happen all the time.” True, they do. For example, this death of Piermario Morosini that happened in 2012…
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The foregoing article doesn't conclusively link vaccines with the athletes' injuries, but myocarditis and pericarditis are complications of the vaccines admitted to by the pharmaceutical companies, and an increase in heart attacks and heart complications among athletes (and young people) cannot be ignored. It should be investigated, but big media won't do it, probably because Pfizer heavily sponsors their news programs. This is why vaccine trials normally last 5-10 years, rather than 8 months. Because new data comes in over longer periods of time. 

Some say, "Well, so many people were vaccinated that there are bound to be some people who are injured, but it's worth the risk to protect society." My response to that is this: historically vaccines that have caused just a handful of deaths and injuries were pulled from the market for safety reasons, but this vaccine has thousands of injuries and deaths which are not being reported in the media and the vaccines not only remain in the market, but they're being forced on people (check VAERS and the European version of VAERS as well ... https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/eu-vaccine-injury-reporting-eudravigilance-330000-adverse-events-covid-vaccines/).

Covid is 99+% survivable for most age groups, but once you put a vaccine into your body, you cannot get it out. You will have to deal with the consequences of short term and long term (which are currently unknown) effects. For a person aged 80, it may make sense to get vaccinated because of their short life expectancy, but a 6, 15 or 45 year old person is in a much different situation than an 80 year old.

This is why vaccination must be an individual's choice, not an across the board mandate enforced with threats to people's jobs and purging them from society.

And by the way, all of the covid "vaccines" aren't vaccines. They are gene therapies (whether they alter your genes, I do not really know, I have seen arguments on both sides, but they are not vaccines).

Those who make decisions for us admit that the vaccines are actually gene therapies: https://t.me/CovidRedPills/9393

They also admit in the video that if they called the vaccines what they actually are, gene therapies, 95% of us would reject them. That's why they call them "vaccines," so you're not scared of the jab and you obediently line up to receive it. And if you don't do what you're told, well then, you'll be ridiculed, canceled and threatened until you submit.

But all the lies, confusion and coercion, it's all for the greater good and for love of neighbor, right?